Snow Queen in "The Nutcracker" with Alexei Khimenko (many years ago).

Welcome to the new and improved Rogue Ballerina site!  After two years blogging about the Chicago dance scene, I decided to upgrade to a hosted site.  It’s still WordPress, so it looks pretty much the same  (some people don’t like change) and I’ve transferred all the content over from the blog, but added a few new things.  This is still the place to find interviews, previews/reviews, profiles and general commentary on the brilliant artists in the Chicago area.  I will be expanding to occasionally write about the dance scene and artists in other cities, although my main focus will still be local companies and artists.

What’s new?  I’ve added a page for my freelance writing portfolio.  (Hint: hire me!  My work has appeared in CS Magazine, CS Brides, Front Desk Chicago, Time Out Chicago and Dance Magazine, among other publications.  I write articles, children’s stories, blogs, website content, press releases, newsletters and the occasional industry brochure.

Let me know what you think!  Please email your thoughts, questions, ideas, etc to:

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  1. Dear fellow dancer/ballet lover, I would love to add you to my blogroll if you add mine to yours! all the best, Rebecca

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