CMP Showgirls performing at DC's Cherry Ball 2002.

Behind the scenes at Rogue Ballerina – aka who, what, when, where, why?

Who😕 My real name is Vicki Crain.? I’m a freelance writer, mainly arts and culture, in Chicago and a former dancer and dance teacher.? I danced with a semi-professional regional ballet company in Central Illinois for over ten years (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, The Nutcracker…the usual), where I also taught at the affiliated dance school while finishing up college (B.A. in English).? After moving to Chicago, I danced for a season with Zephyr Dance and did freelance work, including six years dancing and touring with a Chicago-based production company. I’ve worked with a range of choreographers including Randy Duncan, James Kelly, Jan Erkert and Dame Libby Komaiko.? My age is irrelevant except for the times when I’m getting out of bed and need to use my dog Giselle’s steps for help.

What: Rogue Ballerina is a blog highlighting – via interviews and firsthand experience – dancers, choreographers, artistic directors, upcoming performance previews, the occasional review and anything dance-related I come across that’s interesting.

When: Ruminations by a Rogue Ballerina started in September 2009.? From here on I will blog now, then, sometime in between, whenever I can, soon, continually…and such, et al, also.

Where😕 I write Rogue Ballerina mainly in Chicago, sometimes at an architectural retreat in Racine, WI (Hi Josh!), occasionally at my parents’ house in Forsyth, IL, once in a while at Starbucks, on my iBook/laptop, at my desk, at the kitchen counter, or on my bed, while watching tv, hopefully with a glass of wine, usually being stared at by my dog who can’t possibly understand why I’d rather be typing and not constantly rubbing her pink, freckled belly.

Why😕 I started Rogue Ballerina after receiving an assignment to interview choreographer Lar Lubovitch for CS Magazine.? Most of the interesting parts of the interview, in my opinion, didn’t make it into the published article, so…here we are two years, 200 posts and over 34,000 hits later.? Yee Haw!

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14 thoughts on “Backstage

  1. Hi Vicki! A shout back from fellow Decaturites. Imagine my surprise in finding this blog and seeing your name. My daughter is an apprentice in a dance company here in Indy so we often do web searches into the world of dance. Looks like you are doing well. Would love to catch up sometime.

  2. O…M…G, girl – Reading the Nouvelles Du Ballet article “Act Four” about the CU Ballet, and who’s name do I see? Deanna told me you where writing up in Chicago. I said to my daughter “Remember the girl I’ve told you about that I went to highschool with who was a ballerina? She wrote this article.” (She’s a junior company member for the CU Ballet, and has been dancing with the Champaign Ballet Academy since she was four). Great article!! I’m sure my daughter will be reading your blog from now on. Congrats on your success!

  3. Dear Rogue Ballerina:

    This site is very exciting! Thankyou for posting women’s work for the CCBdance Project. It is deeply appreciated. Please add us to your list!

    celia bambara
    ccbdance project
    praxis place
    1474 N. Milwaukee

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