A Christmas Story – The Musical


If you like the classic 1983 movie, then you will LOVE the musical!  A Christmas Story, The Musical – playing now through December 30th at the Chicago Theatre -is a delightful way to celebrate the holidays.  This adapted stage version has everything from the movie, plus show-stopping music and dance numbers by a stellar cast.  (Former schoolmates of Lizzie Leopold, director of Leopold Group wrote the music and lyrics!)

The hilarious trials of the Parker family are on full display: Ralphie’s uncompromising desire for a BB gun, a kid’s tongue stuck to a flagpole on a dare – I’m sorry, a DOUBLE-DOG-DARE! ,  a trip to see Santa and his bitter elves, a leg lamp, some cussing and subsequent soap-in-mouth punishment…it’s all there.  And yes, there is even a leg lamp kick line number complete with Busby Berkeley-esque pinwheel sequence.  Showstopper!

Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster. All photography by Carol Rosegg.

Ralphie to the rescue!!


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