Baby Ballerinas

Audrey Senne and Haley Lampariello want to be ballerinas when they grow up.  It looks like they’re getting a good start on that dream.  The bff’s just moved up a level at Joffrey’s Academy of Dance (they get to wear black leotards now instead of light blue!) and are taking private classes at Mazi Dance Fitness in preparation for the big Nutcracker Children’s audition at Joffrey coming up in September.  Their teacher is none other than Joffrey star Fabrice Calmels.  The girls love taking class with him, but say it’s scary because he is so tall.

Haley (left) and Audrey with Joffrey dancer/teacher Fabrice Calmels.

These Bucktown natives (Lampariello 9, and Senne, who turns 9 in August) met at dance class and are like two peas in a pod.  Rogue Ballerina was hard pressed to find anything they disagreed on when we talked after a summer dance camp recital as the girls split some chicken tenders.  They both attended Camp Broadway in New York City last summer studying acting, singing, set and costume design.  Their favorite show –  Billy Elliott, favorite dance step – pirouettes (especially when assisted by Calmels) and favorite style of dance – ballet.  They even have the same dream role:  Clara in The Nutcracker.  Lucky for them, most companies have more than one cast.

So what happens if their professional dreams don’t come true?  They have it all figured out.  Their fall-back plan?  Veterinarians, of course.

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