Brief Thoughts on HSDC

Fantastic, as usual. Great show flow, amazing dancing…really top-notch all around.

Bitter Suite – was just that…bittersweet. Beautiful music, dancing, etc., but it wasn’t Deep Down Dos, which audiences were really looking forward to seeing. Look for it to premiere sometime next season (maybe in place of Bitter Suite?).

The world premiere of Aszure Barton’s Untouched was truly a theatrical event. The lighting was brilliant, the set wondrous, the costumes, the dancing…it is a piece you definitely want/need to see more than once to take in all of its intricate beauty.  I can’t wait to see it again!   Stand outs – Meredith Dincolo and Alejandro Cerrudo.

Toru Shimazaki’s Bardo rounded out the show.   Always a crowd-pleaser — it didn’t disappoint. (I still can’t get that darn music out of my head.)

Bravo (Glenn & Co) for yet another great, ground-breaking season!!

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