Throwback Thursday: CMP edition #tbt

Circuit Mom and RB performing at The Metro.

Today’s Throwback Thursday is of a Circuit Mom number I’ve performed numerous times. On a makeshift riser stage in San Fran, in the back garden at The Pepper Lounge and at Chicago’s Metro. We even poached sections of choreography to put in other big event numbers.

This number, again by the ever-creative Todd Michael Kiech, involved bras, white material and a parachute set to Lara Fabian’s I Will Love Again (obvi a kick-ass remix). The crowd at Metro was electric and super close. This was one of the most exciting small venue shows I’ve done.

Throwback Thursday: CMP edition #tbt

RB walking like an Egyptian.

This week’s throwback is from Hell Ball, a “circuit” fundraiser that used to happen annually in San Francisco. Circuit Mom Productions (CMP), with the wonderful choreographic vision of Todd Michael Kiech, performed – in the early aughts – an epic Egyptian-themed number to a remix of Dive in the Pool (aka “Let’s Get Soaking Wet”) and Madonna’s Music. 

The event was in what looked like an old airport hanger, so it was massive! The stage seemed the size of a football field. We had to take “big girl” steps to make it to our marks. This was one of the most fun performances I can remember. I always get nervous before a show, but this one was mixed with so much excitement and energy from the thousands in the crowd that I was literally shaking before we went on stage.

Post-show, I got to party with some of my best friends and we extended our tour, so we could stay for a long weekend and sightsee. Great memories and photo ops…and yes, there were band hats!