Got Lunch?

This weekend, Chicago has lunch and a whole lot more. Winifred Haun‘s What’s for Lunch?, part of Ayako Kato’s Dance Union, is only one small part of what’s happening all over town for the beginning of June. Ha, and I thought things would slow down for the summer…

Haun’s work What’s for Lunch? is a work-in-progress for six dancers inspired by groupings and behaviors of people during their midday meal.  “I have three kids and I find lunch to be the most challenging meal of the day to prepare for them,” says Haun.  “A lot of times I end up taking them out.”   On these outings, she started to notice trends in behavior and began contemplating a work based on these observations.  That was a few years ago.  Once Kato asked her to present at the upcoming Dance Union, she found it was the perfect time to pick up the idea again.   “The thing that’s nice is Dance Union is very experimental in nature and I can just play around and try stuff, which I really appreciate the opportunity to do,” Haun says.    The piece is set to music by Edgard Varese, Celtic Woman and the children’s song duo John & Mark and incorporates English country dancing (It’s so much fun!) and toddler furniture found at IKEA.  So, why not focus on mealtime in general?  Haun says, “I think (the movement) is unique to that meal and that kind of situation.  Dinner is a much more formal, ritualized kind of meal.  People tend to be more social.  At lunch, they tend to be more singular.”

Also on the program curated by founder Ayako Kato is an excerpt of This is A Damage Manuel by BONEdanse Excavation, the reincarnation of Atalee Judy’s Breakbone Dance Company and an improvisational work titled Meandering at Dusk by local artists Carleen Healy and Julieann Graham (Hi Julie!).

In Lakeview, the Dance COLEctive presents COLEctive Notions 2011, where the tables are turned and the dancers become the choreographers.  Many local companies are finding this to be a great way to broaden their audiences, while also challenging the dancers.  In Evanston, Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak presents encore performances of Sharks Before Drowning.  Part of Shanahan’s Stamina of Curiosity project, Sharks was originally performed last winter to rave reviews.  Read Time Out Chicago dance writer Zac Whittenburg’s live review here.

At The Ruth Page Center this weekend has two dance benefits.  Saturday is DFL-Lifted, a collaborative performance and documentary screening benefitting the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the Dance For Life Fund.  Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  On Sunday, DanceWorks Chicago throws its Get Fresh! benefit with cocktails, dinner, performance and after party.  Tickets start at $200, but you can purchase tickets for the performance and after party for only $60.  Raffle tickets are also for sale.

Dance Union, June 4 at 8pm, The Drucker Center, Tickets here.

COLEctive Notions 2011, June 3&4 at 8pm, June 5 at 7pm, Links Hall, Tickets here.

Sharks Before Drowning, June 2-5, Marjorie Ward Marshal Dance Center, Tickets here.

DFL-Lifted, June 4 at 2pm, Ruth Page Theater, *All proceed benefit the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and Dance For Life Fund.

Get Fresh!, June 5th at 5pm (performance at 7pm), Ruth Page Center, Tickets here

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