Happy Belated…

RB a long, long time ago!

one year anniversary to Rogue Ballerina!  (I’ve been so busy, I missed it.)

September 24th marked the one-year anniversary of the inaugural post for this blog.  That first post was a Q & A from an interview I’d done for a local magazine with Lar Lubovitch.  Since then I’ve talked with so many fantastic dancers, choreographers, directors, etc. including Daniil Simkin, Cheryl Mann, Alejandro Cerrudo, Aszure Barton and Nacho Duato and covered Dance for Life, Chicago Dancing Festival, numerous anniversaries and some bittersweet retirements and uncovered some great videos — just to name a few…and seen countless, wonderful performances.  I’m a lucky girl!

Thank you to everyone who reads RB!  (My mom, Mark, Josh and Sasha are the regulars.)  Comments are welcome – let’s keep it postitive and clean please – so let me know who you are and what you think.


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