Hips Don’t Lie

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Shakira was singing about…
Last night at the grocery store, I squatted down to get a Toblerone from the bottom shelf — don’t judge! Chocolate IS on my “diet” — and couldn’t get back up.  For real.  I normally put my weight on my left leg, since all of my injuries occurred on my right side (knee, hip, foot and back), but I recently strained my left “cheek” (and dare I say, gricilis muscle) while diving during a Kinect beach volleyball game (yes, I realize you don’t need to dive, but the spirit of competition was all up in me) and the left side wasn’t cooperating.

Mortifying.  I slowly creeked back up, hoping that no one noticed the old lady trying to get the candy.  The worst part?  I completely forgot to get the Toblerone.

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