Hubbard Street is Inside/Out

Or was.  HSDC’s Inside/Out Choreographic Workshop performance was a few weeks ago — Thursday, June 17th – in the Modern Wing at the Art Institute.  With a dance floor flush on the main floor, the company and second company (including Artistic Dir Glenn Edgerton and Artistic Associates Taryn Kaschock Russell and Terence Marling) milled about in a organic sequence that morphed into playful taps, hugs and kisses.  It looked like a behind-the-scenes, pre-show ritual.  A glimpse into what the artists do behind the curtain before a show.  This was confirmed by Communications Manager Farrah Malik.  What a nice surprise!

The evening was a showcase of the dancers taking their stab at choreography.  Little vignettes installed at various points and times throughout the galleries offered another view of what the dancers have been working on.  A great night for art, for sure.  With so much going on, plus the beautiful backdrop of the museum itself, it was difficult to decide what to watch.  A large audience gathered of dance fans, art fans, random lucky people that happened to hear about the free show, a few off-duty Joffrey dancers and tourists alike.  It is always so nice to see a large mass gathered for dance, but it was hot – and crowded.  So Rogue Ballerina stepped out on the patio for some fresh air and a glass of champagne.  Much better.  As luck would have it, a duet was performed right there, with one dancer inside and one out (get it?) in the garden.

Dancer Laura Halm. Photo by Todd Rosenberg.

The dancing was as diverse as the music.  The first piece had the dancers singing (who knew?) and other musical choices ranged from classical (loved the live cello!) to quirky (Eep Op Ork Ah Ah!, which I think is originally from The Jetsons cartoon).  HSDC2 performed Silver Clouds, which RB had seen recently at IIT.  It was nice to see it again, without the silver clouds, which is to say, the piece and the dancing holds up without the art installation it was created for.  Also of note, was a solo danced by Laura Halm.

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