Creativity doesn’t stop just because there’s a pandemic. Joffrey dancers Xavier Nunez and Evan Boersma got together to make this awesome dance film short, Interval. Performance by Evan (Go Evan!), choreographed and filmed by Xavi, with an assist in sound editing (and maybe a few intro/outro beats) by Dylan Gutierrez.

Interval by Xavier Nunex. Performance by Evan Boersma.

Here’s a quick Q&A with the mastermind behind the film.

Rogue Ballerina: How/why did you do this project?

Xavi Nunez: It happened spontaneously. I started playing with lighting early in the day for an idea I had. When I showed my roommate Evan the results, he said, “Let’s film it tonight.” So, out of boredom and creativity, we conceptualized, filmed, and choreographed it in one day. 

RB: What was your inspiration?

XN: I think the past few months of monotony and feeling stuck in a loop inspired the idea.  However, the music provided the blueprint for movement and video/editing. 

RB: How did you get into video/editing?

XN: I used to be obsessed with watching people’s short films on YouTube. Then I decided to try and make something myself as a hobby. I think quarantine really brought the love back to me. There’s so much to learn but its a way to get my creative mind flowing when we can’t be in our usual dance spaces. 

Xavi making magic happen.

RB: Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pic. It really shows the “magic” of filmmaking.

XN: Our space was funny considering how the video turned out. In the film, it feels like a studio, but if you were on the other side you’d see a room that looked like it had just been ransacked. My bed was flipped on its side. Windows covered in garbage bags to not allow light to enter. We had a prop tied to the ceiling fan to make it float. We just ran with it and fixed problems with duct tape. 

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