Just Keep Spinning

Yes, the obsession continues unabated. My post Fouette Madness, showing more videos of talented turners prompted a few readers to post suggestions. Yay! Thanks to Steve at YouDanceFunny (Tamara Rojo) and the lovely ladies Emilia and Linda at The Ballet Bag (Sofiane Sylve) for telling RB about these awesome pirouetting primas seen below.

First up, Sofiane Sylve.  Watch for the pull in at the end…


Next, Tamara Rojo in practice throwing in some triples and double, but watch in her second run where she starts to change her spot!


And, of course I kept looking and found incredible videos of Katherine Healy (freak show prodigy).  Does anyone remember her from the movie Six Weeks?  Am I dating myself?


I mean really.

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