As mentioned in my prologue, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with fouettes for as long as I’ve known what they were.  Intrigue and fascination quickly turned to obsession.  Unfortunately, I turned (ha!) out to be more of a jumper and toe-hoppin’ kind of gal and the tricky tours grew into my arch-nemesis/bane of my existence.  I still get oddly hypnotized by them and I’m in awe of those that can do them correctly and consistently.

So my new obsession is watching You Tube videos of famous ballerinas performing these breathtaking series of turns.  Here are some of my favorites so far:

Nina Ananiashvili, who had her farewell performance after 16 years with ABT last June, is also the Artistic Director of the State Ballet of Georgia.  Don Q coda.  She doesn’t even use her arms for the first eight!!


Svetlana Zakarova, principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet.  Don Q coda.  Throwin’ in some doubles.


Ekaterina Maximova, who passed away last April, danced with the Bolshoi Ballet 1958-1980.  Look Ma – no hands!!  (Maybe it’s something in the water over there?)


Nina again, Black Swan pas coda.  Maybe the trick is to go really fast?


Alicia Alonso, former ABT ballerina 1940-60, Black Swan pas coda.  Doing it old school.  Starts at 0:35.


Ok, now I’m dizzy.  Maybe I’ll dream of doing 32 perfect fouettes tonight.

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