If you have the chance, go see this incredibly beautiful movie.  Pina, the 3D documentary of legendary German choreographer Pina Bausch is a visually stunning, inspirational homage/memorial that is a work of art in its own right.  I saw a screening on Wednesday and, even though I didn’t know much about her work going in, was struck by her artistry and career-long loyalty she inspired in her dancers.  The film by Wim Wenders is the first 3D art house film.  At first, the 3D seemed awkward as if the dancers were cut-outs in a doll house, but as you get used to it, you become part of the art happening on-screen.

Pina opens today in two Chicago theaters:  River East 21 at 322 East Illinois and Century 12 at 1715 Maple Avenue in Evanston.  Columbia College Dance Center‘s Bonnie Brooks and Phil Reynolds will lead a post-screening discussion after the 7:00 pm showing at River East.

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