RB Results: Survey Says…

I’ve been obsessed all week with election results, so I thought I’d shake it up by analyzing RB‘s reader survey results. I appreciate everyone that took the time to fill out the survey. It helps me understand who is reading the blog and gives me demographic info to include in my rate sheet for when I dive into the exciting and scary world of advertising in the new year.

It will be no surprise that the majority of the readers are female (80%). The age range was 18 – 72 (Hi Mom!). The genres were well represented in ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern. Perhaps I should throw a little more tap and ethnic dance into the mix.

Readers come from across the US – interesting that Oklahoma was the only red state represented. Go OK! I was delighted to find that I also have readers in Canada, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Some of the things you’d like to see on RB include are more artist profiles (yay, I love to do those!), more photos and videos (done.), more essays and commentary (will try to accommodate) and coverage of smaller companies (I really do try to do this, but sometimes time is not on my side). There were also suggestions to cover some of Chicago’s dance history, focus on young dancers that are new to Chicago and to do class reviews (this one might be difficult as I haven’t had class in ??? years, but I am going to start adding in dvd and dance “work out” reviews). All great ideas and I will attempt to incorporate new and different coverage in the new year if/when time allows, while continuing to provide previews, interviews and reviews of what’s happening in the Chicago dance scene.

Again, thank you to all who took the survey and a HUGE thanks to everyone who reads the blog.


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