Short Snowy Thoughts on the Winter Series

RB went to the Harris Theater three times last weekend.  HSDC, as usual, brilliantly brought their talents to the stage.  (Warning:  gushing ahead.)  Meredith!  Penny!  Robyn!  Jessica!  No wait – the men!  Ben, Jesse, Kevin, Pablo, Jason…Alejandro!!!  And Ana Lopez — Ana and Ben, Ana and Pablo, Ana and Christian, Ana and Alejandro…Ana and anyone = stellar.  There really isn’t a weak spot in the company.

From Ohad Naharin’s Tabula Rasa (which I’ve seen many times, but never enjoyed/appreciated quite as much), to Alejandro Cerrudo’s newest offering Maltidos (you can really recognize his movement vocabulary now and he seemed to expand on what he started with Deep Down Dos) to long-time audience favorite Petite Mort (gorgeous), the company showed complete control and understanding of their craft.  The strength, grace and beauty of the dancers is, at this level, expected, yet somehow still surprising.

HS2 also had a strong presence with the Chicago premiere of Getting there, staying here (nice dive rolls boys!), but really wowed the younger crowd with their charming matinee interpretation of the children’s book Harold and the Purple Crayon.

A quick note on the show’s closer, Jirí Kylián’s Petite Mort.  The opening image of the men walking backwards, practically naked, balancing swords on the tip of their fingers…then turning front, with the audible swoosh of the foils slicing the air is breathtaking.  Gets me every time.

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