Spring Break

After the whirlwind that was the spring dance season, it is time for spring break. Spring cleaning, holidays for some, chocolate (hopefully) for all and a little down time until we hit the theaters again with for another run of performances.  I saw a truckload of fantastic dance in the last few weeks.  In fact, the final performance of ABT‘s Giselle still haunts my dreams with its beauty.  My hopes are to put up delayed reviews at some point, but for now lé brain is fried and Seabiscuit needs a nap.

Happy Spring!

3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Hello, RB, hope you are getting that much-deserved break you reference, but I’m just stopping by here with a bit of a lament: I so wish you could see the Shirley Mordine-Natya Dance Theatre collaboration at the North Shore Center (in Skokie. Full disclosure – someone close to me is one of the Mordines.) So much dance, all over Chicago; it’s ceaseless! You need a platoon of deputy RBs to help cover the territory.

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