Throwback Thursday: Circuit Mom edition #tbt

Circuit Mom and RB at Finkel Steel Mill.

Another throwback from my days at Circuit Mom Productions (CMP). We were performing at the Finkl Steel Mill for the 2004 Fireball event. Todd Michael Kiech came up with a sassy number to Real Love (Deborah Cooper mixed by the amazing Tony Moran) with a construction/mill worker theme. Our intro was a clip from The Simpsons where Homer takes Bart on a tour of a steel mill with a twist.*

This time, Mom was carried in via crane on a two-ton (not really sure, but it was huge and heavy!) cement block. Girl knows how to make an entrance. The dancers were already placed on stage facing the back. As always with ooncy intro mixes, it was hard to hear our cue and if you missed the first count, you were basically screwed. Dancers started to scatter and move out of position, which made the dance captain in me FREAK OUT! Little did I know that the crane was late depositing Mom on the stage and was way too close. I turn, on cue, to start dancing and meet the HUGE cement block (with my hand), duck under it and keep right on dancing. Note: Don’t make me miss my cue.

The rest is a fun-filled blur where the girls got to literally stripped the boys of their clothes. The only thing the boys had on by the end were their construction hats and smiles. Good times.


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