Under the Bridge

The DanceCOLEctive on the stairs under Michigan Ave.

Today at noon, The DanceCOLEctive performed on the riverwalk in front of the McCormick Bridgehouse under the Michigan Avenue bridge at Wacker Drive.  What a beautiful day for some outdoor dancing!

Aptly titled In Your Space, the ten dancers led by Artistic Director Margi Cole put the arts on display during downtown lunchtime.  Starting on the riverwalk behind the Wrigley building, the dancers in shifts ran up the cement staircase and walked across the bridge among workers and tourists, then improvised down the stairs to the space in front of the Bridgehouse.  A small crowd gathered to watch, but not everyone took an interest.  A few joggers passed by, swerving around the group — one even threw in his own little tour en l’air as he went by!  Some tourists looked confused, others on the boats passing by turned their attention from the guide and one guy just kept eating his lunch.  “You never know what people are going to do,” says Cole.  “That’s what makes it fun.”

Also in the crowd were Performance Workshop students from Columbia College.  The class, which Cole teaches, was the first of the semester.  They got to enjoy the show and then head over the Millenium Park to do their own site-specific work.

Dancing at the McCormick Bridgehouse

Check out the write up in today’s Trib and if you’re looking for something dancy to do on Saturday, head downtown tomorrow to see this innovative troupe of dancers do their thing.  Shows at 12:15 and 12:45.

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