What a week!

Color me cold, but happy.  RB had a fun and exciting week.  It started off with the disappointing SuperBowl loss by the Steelers, but by Monday had rallied into a full-on dance prance.

Monday night, had me tucked cozy in bed with a glass of wine, Giselle and Apollo’s Angels while listening to Andrew Patner‘s 10pm WFMT (98.7) show Critical Thinking featuring dancer, author, historian Jennifer Homans.  This was part one of two – the second half will air this coming Monday at 10pm.  Listen in!

Tuesday had me interviewing Artistic Director of The Seldoms, Carrie Hanson at her lovely home in the West Loop.  I got to meet the new man in her life, 7 month old Levi, who turns out to be perhaps the cutest human on earth under 1 year.  Then I hopped (well, climbed mountains of snow) over to Hubbard Street to chat briefly with dancer Benjamin Wardell and sit in on a rehearsal for Sharon Eyal’s world premiere that, from what I saw, is going to be way creepy cool!

Wednesday, I braved the arctic winds to schlep over to Link’s Hall to visit with Joanna Rosenthal, Artistic Director of Same Planet Different World, then watched four of her dancers run a new, extremely physical piece that will premiere at their show in March.

Thursday was watching rehearsal and a partial run-thru of Thodos Dance Chicago‘s new work premiering next week in Skokie (and then heads to the Harris in early March).  A lovely chat with Artistic Director Melissa Thodos and collaborators Ann Reinking and Gary Chryst followed.  Truth be told, RB had to really concentrate to not completely geek out in Ms. Reinking’s presence.  She was funny, fabulous and gracious…just like you would expect her to be.

Today is the normal job (boo!) and organizing all the info to start transcribing and writing.  Go!  Joffrey opens next Wednesday with The Merry Widow and The Seldom’s concert is next weekend, so look for both of those to go up, um…soon.  Also tenatively on RB‘s agenda for next week is another rehearsal viewing and talk with HSDC A.D. Glenn Edgerton and a (fingers crossed) interview with Chicago dance scene dynamic duo:  Harriet Ross and Gail Kalver.

This week Rogue also got an email address (rb@rogueballerina.com) and business cards!  Look out people, she’s had coffee…

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